What is the benefit of choosing a pre-designed wedding package over the A La Carte?
The biggest benefit to opting for a pre-designed wedding package is the cost. I created these packages using the A La Carte price list, but then took 15% off of the total. Holla! My main reason for doing this was to make life easier for my clients. I want you to worry as little as possible about the tack-on and take-off game that can quickly bog down the excitement of planning your wedding. Bottom line, the packages are bomb and I encourage you to utilize their incredible value.

How much time should we set aside for photos on the wedding day?
I can’t stress enough the importance of scheduling adequate time into your day specifically for photographs! I guarantee doing so will leave you less stressed (which equals fewer forehead wrinkles), and much happier with your wedding album.
Specifics obviously vary a lot depending on the time between your ceremony and reception, but I would recommend allowing

  • At least 30 min. of the bride and groom (it’s much easier to show me your real-life love without groomsmen cracking jokes off to the side or grandma giving you wedding night advise).
  • 1 hr +  of the wedding party

Side Note: Let your wedding party know in advance what the game plan is. Some party members may have never been in a wedding before and may not realize that you would like them to be somewhere before or after the ceremony.


Can we customize a package if the ones you have don’t fit our needs?
Of course!!! Feel free to use the A La Carte menu (available upon request) to design your own custom package, or better yet, let’s meet up at Starbucks to go over your wants and create something genius together.


Can we meet you in person before hiring you?
Yup! Actually I encourage all of my brides and grooms to meet me in person before booking. It’s a great way to see if we are a good match because, after all, I WILL be glued to your side your entire wedding day.


What are you looking for in a client?
Ideally my clients are ooberly in love with one another. As in truly, madly deeply, catch-a-grenade-fo-ya kind of  love. Killer, classic style with some spunk and a fun-loving attitude are welcomed as well. So if you’re a classy couple who fits this description, I’m 100% positive we’ll get along!


Do you travel? What are your fees?
Of course I do! Just contact me via email for a detailed price quote based on your specific destination.


What do we have to do to reserve our date?
All I  need is a signed contract and 25% deposit. This deposit will be deducted off of your grand total.


What is a “First Look” and why should we consider doing one?
The First Look is when the bride and groom sneak a peek at one another just prior to their ceremony. He is seeing her as a bride for the very first time.
It’s typically a private moment that REALLY helps calm any nerves and sets a beautiful tone for the rest of the day.

Also, I should mention that it results in UH-MAZING photographs, and comes very highly recommended.
However, I completely understand my clients who decide to stick with tradition and forgo the First Look. No grudges I promise!


How many digital negatives can we expect from our wedding?
Depending on how much of your day I am hired to shoot, you will receive anywhere from 200-500 images. I should also note here that around 80% of your photos are in color with the remaining 20% in black and white.


What are digital negatives, and what can we do with them?
Digital negatives are the fully edited images from your wedding in a digital JPG format. They are given to you on  USB. With the copyright release included in your contract, you can do almost anything you want with your photos! You can make unlimited prints and photo products, post your images to blogs, facebook, Instagram, etc. You just aren’t allowed to edit, modify, or sell them.


How long do we have to wait before seeing our FABULOUS photos?!
All portrait sessions (i.e engagements, bridals, etc) take approx. 3 weeks to edit.
You can expect all wedding day images 6 weeks after your wedding date.


Can we be friends?
Oh can we please?!!! Let’s start here!