ETRE_523Etre (eh-truh) means “to be” in French. This one little word sums up everything

I believe photography should be. Simple and truthful. When you pull out your

wedding album, or walk past the photos of your children hung in the hallway, I

want so much for those images to take you back to a day or moment you once

deemed valuable enough to remember. Wedding celebrations, the birth of a baby,

and imperfect family relationships are such an awesome part of what makes life

beautiful, which is exactly why I choose to photograph them… and strive to reflect

the beauty of your reality in doing so. Do I edit my work? Absolutely. But I never

want to edit something to where it no longer reflects the reality of your experience.

Does that makes sense? Crap I hope so because my little heart feels so strongly

about it. I want for your images to help you remember what it felt like “to be”

there, rather than make you believe your experience was something it wasn’t.

I use primarily natural lighting, and my ultra main goal is to get images of you

being YOU.